And Varsity Central goes PINK to support

Breast Cancer Awareness.


Breast Cancer Awareness month, the perfect time to rally your school and community together!
We’ve put together a seamless fundraiser for your school or organization.
Select and customize items from our PINKOUT apparel collection and offer them to
family, friends, students, teammates and more!
Students can wear these items at games, races, car washes, concession stands, and admission areas.
Raise funds for your organization while spreading awareness and creating a sense of community.

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Select Your Item

Mix and match items of your choice to meet the low minimum of 12 pieces.


Name drop your town or group on our 2019 PINKOUT design.


Fast turnaround. No hidden fees. Free shipping. Free digital order forms.

Interested in other PINKOUT products?

Let our team of experts help PINKOUT your group!

We have other great pink products such as headbands, shoelaces, socks, wristbands, hats, etc...

We can help you with any other pink items just Contact us here, or give us a call at 908-497-9900.