COVID-19 Update:

We are open and accepting varsity jacket orders for all schools.  We recommend making an appointment by contacting us.  Only one fitting can be done at a time (Parents + Child ok) and having an appointment helps us to maintain distancing.

Face coverings are required for all visitors in our showroom.  All customers are requested to sanitize their hands with the provided hand sanitizer upon entry, before handling any jackets.

We clean our facility regularly and have UV sanitizing lights and HEPA filters in the HVAC system as well.

Each jackets is 100% custom, starting with the jacket itself.  Lead times are running a little longer than normal on the base jacket as Holloway is running behind due to their own production shutdown. Our recommendation is to order early and be patient as we all deal with these ever-changing regulations.

While slightly more difficult, we could take an order outdoors (weather permitting) for any who can't wear a face covering or who would feel more comfortable.

Ordering a jacket without trying one on is not recommended.  They are made to order and cannot be exchanged or returned for sizing issues if ordered without a fitting.



Step into our beautiful showroom for a personal custom fitting. We are an experienced varsity jacket provider and have been decorating them for over 10 years.  Each jacket is uniquely decorated for each player and school. Most groups select wool bodies with leather sleeves.


Varsity Central stocks Holloway brand wool jackets. Holloway has been making jackets for over 60 years.  If your school or organization uses another brand, we can decorate those too. The same wool, felt and chenille patches can be custom made for all jackets.


Most jackets are made to order specifically for each person. We custom make the chenille or felt patches as needed for each jacket. There are no off-the-shelf letters that are applied to our jackets making each jacket a one-of-a-kind piece.


To order a custom jacket, visit our showroom to try on a fit sample. You can view the extensive collection of custom chenille sports logos and select the appropriate one.  Additional sleeve decorations are also available.  If you want us to use your letter, bring it along.  We can make exact replicas of many letters for a small fee if you want to keep you letter.  Jackets typically take 8 to 12 weeks (sometimes a little longer during peak season) to allow time for the customization process.


Most of our customers prefer to come into our showroom or one of our retail stores for a private fitting.  For larger groups, we can arrange a group/private on-site fitting. If interested in this service, feel free to contact us.


We are happy to work with athletic directors and schools on their varsity jacket programs. We can custom tailor the standards to make sure that all the student athletes have the same high quality jackets. We also supply bulk varsity letters to schools at prices typically lower than the big online suppliers. For pricing, feel free to contact us.


Many other varsity jacket retailers have either retired or closed over the past year or two.  Those include Efinger's, Leisure Sporting Goods and Verona Sports Center. Please know that we can create jackets for any town.  We have the specs for most towns already, and if not, with just a few pictures or a call to the athletic director can make a jacket for you.  If you can borrow an existing jacket to bring in, even better.  With over 10 years experience making jackets, we are confident we can make just about any jacket.